I was born in Friuli during the earthquake and this is probably why I can’t stand still. My grandfather, who I unfortunately know only through photographs, was a photographer that moved to Eritrea and who imparted the passion for photography to my father and uncle, so I can say that photography has always been present in my life. I always had a passion also for sports, for bicycle and kayak in particular, which I practiced competitively for 14 years. I was part of the Italian team and I won several times the kayak Italian championship. When I was 20 I moved to Padova where I studied engineering. The following year I moved to Rome to become an athlete in the Navy sport group. In 1998 I came to Milan to study at IED and at the same time I started to work in a photography studio as an assistant for Italian and international photographers and collaborating with the most important magazines. With some of the photographers I worked with, the professional relationship became friendship, which led me to work with Casa Brutus, a famous Japanese design magazine, than another one focused on interior design/fashion called Gainer, than Precious Magazine, Men’s Club, Spur Magazine and lately with Esquire.
My work spans from fashion to design and since 15 years I narrate with my images Italian companies’ history. I shot in my studio accessories for important fashion brands, interior design items, famous designers, artisans at work, and I also collaborates with emerging fashion designers.
As W.S.Burroughs said “The most dangerous thing to do is to stand still”